How do I connect a Micros POS register to a Nubix dvr?

Micros Register
1. On the register, Connect to RS232 print journal port. (ECL-CN550: RS232 to RS485 converters may be present or necessary)
2.Activate Print journal output (deactivate printer detection and monitoring when applicable)
3. Set baud rate to 9600, parody: none, data bits: 8, stop bits: 1, flow control: none
4. Using HyperTerminal, connect RS232 to PC and confirm register output.
5. Connect RS232 to DVR input. (see illustration below)
6. Activate event input on DVR ( please see support site for complete info)
7. To confirm DVR input, use POS simulator software to send message to DVR.
8. For additional information please contact tech support at: 1-888-422-8826

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