Access Control Client Software for Nubix Integration


Please contact support before installing this version of the software.

Attached is the 701 client software you must use.  This version has the programming to make the computer send information out of a port to a dvr (nubix).  Once you install the software you must go into the registry edit of Windows the directions are as follows:


When you are in the MSG properties you will see the comport that the pc is using to send out info from the computer to the dvr.  Choose the comport# that you will use. (remember the computer will be using two comports, one for receiving the data from the access control and the other is for sending data out to the dvr from the computer

The computer is now ready to send the text information to the dvr to overlay on a channel input.  

To setup the dvr for receiving the text:
Go to the EVENT IN tab of the menu.
Put a “check” on TEXT INSERT box of the channel you want it to overlay on. 
Put a “P” to make the channel pop to full screen every time a user pass there pin/card.
Then go to “text insert setup” on the top area of the EVENT IN screen and choose the channel that the text will overlay on
And make sure the baud rate parameters are correct.  Start and End parameters leave blank.  And that is all to do at the DVR.

All these steps should make the access control log overlay on the nubix dvr’s.

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